PF Flyers

PF Flyers Point of Purchase Displays.


Project Partners
Heckler Associates, New Balance/PF Flyers.


Scope of Project
Produce attractive point of purchase (POP) shoe displays to assist with the brand revival of PF Flyers Footwear.



The Displays

The client was interested in a series of POP displays that showcased PF Flyers shoes, as well as branded adornments that assisted in telling the story of their origin and their revival.


The focal point is certainly the large shoe stand displays:

The shelved displays largely consist of 0.75” Russian birch plywood, laminated in white. There is a vertical reveal, highlighting a strip of wood grain painted black, resembling a painted line on a basketball court. As well, the lowermost shelf is a plank of wood designed to look like a parquet floor of a basketball court. Finally, the dimensional lettering and logo on the top of the display is crafted from aluminum and sintra, respectively, cut to shape using a CNC router, and glued into place.


To further tell the story, some graphical elements were included:

“PF” blocks, crafted from 0.25” sintra, mounted with various laminates including brushed aluminum and wood, negative space “PF” cut out with CNC router, 4 square pieces glued together to create a cube with 2 open sides. Screen printed “Bob Cousy” graphics on 0.5” black acrylic. “PF Flyer” E-mounts, consisting of digitally printed graphics on vinyl, applied to the 2nd surface of 0.5” clear acrylic.









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