Custom Office Art and Signage

for New Seattle Office


Project Partners
Weaver Architects, Corporate Real Estate Team.

Scope of Project
Produce and install two unique, wooden statement pieces for office lobby; a Periodic Table of Elements sign with updateable capabilities and a dimensional Seattle Skyline Sign with a flame-darkened background.



The Suit Box

We love a creative project. This particular client requested us build them a realistic "In Case of Emergency" box containing a Coat and Tie for outside their conference room. We built the box out of high quality wood and had it painted with a high gloss laquer paint, first-surface applied the caution tape and text, and installed LED lights inside of the case so it would show up from down the hall. We've built two of these for this client so far. One in their Seattle office, and the other for their New York office.


Element Sign

Russian Birch .75” plywood back board – CNC routed to shape of periodic table of elements. Maple veneer applied to face and edges, coated with matte clear lacquer to match ApplePly finish work in office (ApplePly is plywood with maple face). To give dimension to elements, 5” x 5” blocks of .5” black sintra were attached to the board using dowels. To allow for future updates, a magnetic graphics system was used: Visual Magnetics magnetic backer adhered to the sintra, and graphics digitally printed on Visual Magnetics SYNpaper, which magnetically attaches to the backer.






Seattle Skyline Sign

Seattle skyline dimensionally carved into wood, with the background darkened by flame. To match the ApplePly aesthetic, we used 3” thick maple boards, joined into a solid 5’ x 5’ block, which was run through a CNC router to create exterior shape. The Seattle Skyline was then routed into the face. With an aluminum mask to protect the positive space, the negative space was flamed in by hand, using a propane torch. Finally, the sign was attached to the wall using French cleats.







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