Nordstrom Clarisonic Point of Purchase Display.


Project Partners
Nordstrom, Clarisonic.

Scope of Project
Produce an attractive point of purchase product display scaled for national roll out.



The Display

As an accompaniment to the Clarisonic product display sections, consisting of boxed product, the client wished to concisely display the actual size and color of their Clarisonic products. The end display piece had to be scalable for national roll out at Nordstrom stores.

We simply opted to mount the devices within sheets of 0.25” white sintra. The sintra was cut into shape by use of a CNC router. The corners were rounded, and an extension was included on the bottom edge so the piece could easily be placed sturdily at point of purchase. Artwork template was provided, some manipulation had to be performed to create a layout for printing on the prepared sheets of sintra. Designs were digitally printed. Finally, the products were adhered to the graphically enhanced sheets of sintra.

Hundreds of these displays were produced for Nordstrom stores all over.









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