Ivar's Seafood

Restaurant Signage / Menus / Wayfinding Sign


Project Partners
Ivar’s Seafood

Scope of Projects
Produce restaurant signage and menu systems for Ivar’s on an ongoing basis.
Build a wayfinding sign for the waterfront corporate headquarters in Seattle.



Signage & Menus


Artwork provided by Ivar’s lead graphic designer. Files manipulated as necessary in printing prepress stage of production, often simply set with crop marks for trimming. The typical needs for Ivar's includes menu systems, drive-thru panels, and seasonally updated branded displays.

The material used is case dependent, but often consists of digitally printed 3M adhesive vinyl, laminated for durability, and mounted to substrates such as Sintra and Dibond. An increasingly popular modern choice for menus is a magnetic system consisting of an adhesive backed magnet mounted to a substrate, and a digital print on SYNpaper (vinyl with metal flakes infused). The system allows for up to 3 layers of SYNpaper to be placed over the magnetic backer, meaning overlays can be used for simple changes, and entire menus can be swapped with ease.




Mileage Marker on the Ivar's Pier


Working closely with Ivar’s, we helped them to change the Seattle Skyline by adding this nifty mileage marker. Placed directly on the pier, it is sure to be the subject of local & international visitors’ photo opportunities for many years to come!

We built this 18’+ sign out of 4” steel pipe with a top sleeve and a bottom sleeve base. Steel tabs were mounted at specific degrees for blade direction. Stainless Steel hardware was used to fasten the various blades to the tabs. The wind-vane clam is perched atop the sign on bearings to allow for 360 degree rotation. The Compass Rose base is comprised of Stainless Steel with a black-etched compass design.





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